About Us


Every great outcome first started with a good plan and at the heart of a great plan is collaboration. There is no more powerful way to establish a clear path forward that to enable input of fresh ideas and perspectives.


Our primary goal is to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Our strengths are our knowledge, an unrivalled network of highly skilled people and a collaborative, results driven approach.


Our business is based on creating solutions around our customers needs.


An integral part of the process is delivery. We take great care to ensure that each element of the concept design & furniture fit out is executed to the highest standard.

About Our Process

Meeting or Site Visit

  • 01

    Function & Aesthetic – discuss the desired outcome for the space in terms of seating capacity, meeting, storage, reception, and many other elements. Clarify the objectives in terms of overall appearance

  • 02

    Budget & Timing Broadly cover budget to ensure elements presented fit within range. Ascertain timing requirements to enable formulating an achievable outcome

Concept Design

  • 01

    Create a concept layout drawing of the space based on the site visit or meeting. Resolve aspects as required with 3D visual enhancements.

  • 02

    Finalise furniture style and range for quoting purposes.


  • 01

    Summarise and price inventory of furniture.

  • 02

    Connect the client to a builder for quoting of building required as per the concept layout.

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