How Much Does An Office Fitout Cost?

If you’ve ever refurnished your house, there’s a good chance the process didn’t run as smoothly and seamlessly as you’d hoped – especially if you were working with multiple designers for various aspects of your interior design.

Office fitouts are no different. In fact, they’re usually much bigger projects, which can mean bigger and costlier problems if the fitout wasn’t planned and budgeted for correctly. What’s the takeaway here? Two things:

  1. Give the consultation, design and planning stage the attention it deserves – a stitch in time saves nine!
  2. For an efficient and hassle-free experience, you’re much better off working with a single end-to-end fitout company rather than numerous individual specialists

From concept space planning and office layout to interior design and commercial furniture – there’s a lot to consider when planning for an office fitout. With so many moving parts, how do you know what amount to allocate, how to break down the costs, and how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to a budget blowout?

How to calculate the cost of your office fitout

Firstly, it’s worth noting from the outset that there are two types of fitout – soft fitouts and hard fitouts.

Soft fitouts are more of an interior design approach that involves refurnishing and perhaps rearranging the space to be more functional and stylish (this is what we do). Hard fitouts, on the other hand, require construction work and structural changes which might include rewiring, floor coverings, window glazing, wall treatment, insulation, air conditioning, installation of safety systems and so on.

A soft fitout typically costs between $300 and $1000 per square metre, whereas hard fitouts can range anywhere from $800-$6000 per square metre depending on factors like multiple floors, bespoke reception areas, audio-visual requirements, quality of office furniture, timeframe for construction and so on.

How much will your office fitout cost?

Ultimately, how much your fitout will cost hinges on whether you’re looking to preserve the original look and feel of the space, or whether you’re eager to strip it down and start from scratch.

Unfortunately for many businesses, the reality of delays, setbacks, hiccups, undisclosed expenses and other budget blowouts don’t materialise until it’s too late. The best way to avoid overshooting your allocated budget is to work with a professional fitout company.

At Office Fitout Brisbane, we take care of the entire process for you – from the consultation, design and planning stage through to installation of workstations, kitchenettes, partitioned office spaces, meeting rooms, break areas, internet connections, power outlets, telephone hook-up points, and all of the furniture in-between.

Not only that, but we work closely alongside you to ensure we’re on the same page every step of the way, with upfront pricing so that you know exactly where you stand. Transparency and responsiveness is at the core of everything we do – Office Fitout Brisbane delivers the quality you expect, within the budget you require. Our team specialises in helping clients navigate the expenses of a fitout comfortably.

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Disclaimer: The figures mentioned in this article are intended as a guide only. We don’t adopt a “one size fits all” approach to our fitouts, and every project we take on is unique.